The event


La Baita, Conguillio National Park, Chile

19-23 February 2024

This workshop aims to redefine the responsibilities and obligations that ecologists should have toward society. We bring together 30 international researchers, half of whom are in their early scientific career to think critically, walk, and reflect in nature, to actively debate our roles as socially responsible ecological researchers. This unique walk-shop will take place in the beautiful Araucaria landscapes of the Conguillio National Park .

The challenge

It is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the ecological crisis we are facing and the political decisions leading to it. The very natural world that we care for and that is the focus of our life’s work is deteriorating and disappearing. In public health and medicine, it is the role of the physician to publicly speak up if political decisions are made against scientific recommendations with harmful impacts to society, yet ecologists often maintain a professional detachment from public issues.

What should our roles be, if we see the ecological knowledge we have gathered being ignored by decision-makers, resulting in further deterioration of the natural world? How should ecological societies challenge the traditional roles of ecologists and their own voice in decision-making? Who do we hold responsible?

Join us

Join us in this critical, self-reflective and dynamic discussion with ecologists and other scholars from around the world
to answer these urgent questions and help guide ecologists as they navigate professional and social obligations. The price for everything (attendance, accommodation, meals, local transport) is $XXXX for established scientists and $XXX
for early career researchers. Get in touch with Roger Cousens for any questions and to make your application to attend.

ANdinA is an informal global network of ecologists, it is non-profit and not affiliated with any society or organisation.