These Cuisinart Trays Are a ‘Must-Have’ for Grilling According to Amazon Shoppers, and They’re on Sale

Use them for food prep and as serving trays.

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Cuisinart CPK-200 Grilling Prep and Serve Trays, Black and Red Tout

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When your family and all your neighbors and friends are planning to stop by for a barbecue and it's time to get the grill fired up, food prep tends to get chaotic. You have to stay organized in order to get all the vegetables, hot dogs, steaks, and ribs cooked in time for your guests who are leaning over your shoulder all the while. Maybe you typically use a cutting board or an old cookie sheet to arrange all your ingredients, but what if I told you there’s a dedicated tool out there for grill prep and serving?

These Cuisinart trays are designed to help all you grillers out there prep raw meat and vegetables separately, and right now, you can grab a set of two for just $22 at Amazon. 

Amazon Cuisinart CPK-200 Grilling Prep and Serve Trays, Black and Red


These sturdy melamine trays are ideal for grill prep because they can be used throughout the grilling process: You can load your ingredients onto the trays without worrying about them warping or bending, and then easily transport everything outside. They come in two different colors — use the red tray for raw meat, and the black tray for vegetables (and the cooked meat), so your food is never cross-contaminated. And finally, they can even double as serving trays that can be placed directly on your patio or dining room table. 

The trays measure 17.12- by 10.5-inch trays so they are spacious enough to fit multiple steaks, ribs, corn on the cob, or asparagus — if you can grill it, it can probably fit on these trays. 

But beyond the size and shape of these trays, it’s worth noting that they have ridges. These ensure meat doesn’t just sit in its juices while it's resting, and the well raised edges, even help prevent those juices from spilling and splashing off the side.

When you’re done using them, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher — which actually makes them much easier to clean than a cookie sheet — and they nest together for easy storage. And if you typically use a cutting board for these types of grilling tasks, you might want to try these  trays instead because they are even more durable, and can withstand high temperatures too. 

More than 4,900 Amazon shoppers have praised how versatile and practical these trays are when grilling. One shopper who wrote that they use “one for prepping and one for serving,” found that they are “strong and sturdy,” and added that they’re a “definite must have for grilling.”

Another shopper praised the fact that these trays “prevented cross-contamination when preparing and cooking meat.”

If you’re looking for a product that will help you stay organized and tidy at the grill, all while preventing the risk of raw meat contaminating your grilled vegetables, grab these now-$22 Cuisinart grill trays.  

At the time of publishing the price was $22. 

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