Blackstone Owners Call This Kit ‘the Perfect Grill Cleaner,’ and It’s on Sale

Snag it for $25.

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Cooking on a Blackstone griddle is one of the best ways to make foods we all love and enjoy, including grilled chicken, steak, and hamburgers. But after the food is cooked and eaten, you have to clean it. If you’re like me, you approach the chore with much trepidation and reluctance.

Since these griddles are pricey you want to use something that works well without damaging the finish. Luckily tools to clean Blackstone grills and griddles do exist to help make this job better, and right now, the perfect set of tools is on sale for $25 at Amazon.

Blackstone 8-Piece Grill & Griddle Kit

Amazon Blackstone 5060 Grill & Griddle Kit


This Blackstone grill and griddle kit consists of eight pieces: a six-inch stainless steel griddle scraper, three scouring pads with a handle, and two cleaning bricks. They’re all easy to use and help make this dreaded chore much easier to complete. 

The scraper will be your new best friend as it will remove the worst offenders — cooked and burnt-on food and other debris and residue. This tool also gets in between rungs of grill grates. The scouring pads clean and add the finishing touches of cleaning the grill or griddle. (Rinse these pads after use, as you can use them multiple times before replacing them.) Last, but not least, are the cleaning bricks. These should be used in certain circumstances, such as restoring or reseasoning the grill. They are also good at taking off any rust that might have appeared.

When using these tools, keep in mind a few things: The scraper can be used when the griddle is hot or cold, and the scouring pads are able to be used on wet or dry surfaces. Once you’re done cleaning the griddle comes the job of cleaning off the tools. The good news here is that all these tools can be put in the dishwasher.

This grill and griddle kit has collected over 3,500 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers for its ease of use and making it faster to clean up their Blackstone. One customer wrote, “This is a great investment as it will speed up the process.” They continue on to add, “All I do is scrape everything off, get some water and wipe down with a paper towel, then another round of water using the orange scrub brush.” A second shopper one writes, “We’ve been looking for the perfect grill cleaner, and we finally found it.”

“If you own a Blackstone, you absolutely need this,” another shopper reports, adding that it “practically cleans itself” with these tools, and that the kit has “everything you need to clean with little mess and effort.”

If you’ve taken the plunge and gotten a Blackstone griddle, make your life easier and snag this Blackstone eight-piece cleaning kit while it’s available for just $25 at Amazon.

At the time of publishing the price was $25.

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